How to restore proportional window resizing in Snow Lepoard's Expose

Update August 2011: Unsurprisingly, this hack doesn't work in Lion. Thankfully Mission Control is vastly better than Snow Leopard's Exposé, albeit still much less useful than the old Exposé. Oh well.

Update September 2012: It turns out that in Mountain Lion Apple added an option to ungroup windows in Mission Control! With the already-restored proportional resizing, we're now basically back where Exposé started in 2007, and it seems Apple have tacitly admitted their Snow Leopard balls-up. Finally.

For heavy Expose users, Snow Leopard's expose is utterly worthless due to the unintuitive grid layout, which Apple considers a feature. This hack restores OSX Leopard's proportional resizing and positioning of items when Expose is invoked, and means I can once again identify Expose windows without squinting at the screen!

Note: Copied wholesale from this macrumours thread - thanks to user miknos for putting it together.


  1. Download the fixed here. Extract to Desktop.
  2. Create a new folder in desktop called OldDock.
  3. Open terminal and (changing username) type:

    sudo chown -R root /Users/USER/Desktop/

    type your password if necessary

    sudo chgrp -R wheel /Users/USER/Desktop/
  4. Now copy/paste everything. Don't forget to change to your username:

    sudo killall Dock && \
    sudo mv /System/Library/CoreServices/ /Users/USER/Desktop/OldDock/ && \
    sudo mv /Users/USER/Desktop/ /System/Library/CoreServices/

Restart and Enjoy!

To revert, just put the original (now in the OldDock folder) on the Desktop, and repeat everything.