Greg Brown's Website.

Welcome. This site is the online home of Greg Brown, a web developer, surfer & connoisseur of fine cast-iron cookware from Christchurch, New Zealand.


I build websites for a living - if you need one, drop me a line at I'm also available for hire as a contract Python or PHP programmer. See the web development section for more information.

Cheap Flight Notifier

This site makes it easier to avoid missing out on great flight deals from a litigious local airline. Sign up and try it out for yourself!

Django Projects

Django Simple Search

An extremely simple way to add search to your django site - just specify which fields you want to look in and a queryset to search. Read more

Django CMS 2000

A flexible django cms, designed to be a a drop-in replacement for django's built in Flatpages app. Includes infinitely flexible templating options (you can insert content blocks wherever you want), and optional edit-in-place. Read more

More Code

Various code snippets, mini-projects and musings reside here.